I have a 170' well that is very slow in producing.
This normally would not be a serious problem if the well did not also have a dissolved clay problem, that gets worse over time.
We may not use the well for anywhere from several days to a month.
After the well sits idle, the water becomes so cloudy with dissolved particles, my sediment tank and sand filter cannot clean it. It can actually become muddy.
Depending on the length of time the well has set idle, I have to run the pump for anywhere from 4-6 hours to several days b-4 it gets clear enough for my system to produce useable water. After the first pump down, the well will pump about 15 gallons, then run dry and shut off via a sensing switch (the name of the switch escapes me), and is set to cycle back on after 10 min rest. I have a 7gpm pump with a (i think) 4 gpm dole valve. Sorry to put you through all of this, but my question is - is this procedure (so much stopping and starting) bad on the pump motor, and do you have any suggestions?