I am a homeowner and ran into an unusual problem. I had to pull my pump last weekend due to no water and discovered the pump wire had gone bad. The entire wire looked in bad shape (would need at least two splices and probably more soon) so I was going to replace it. I also discovered the original installer had not used a torque arrester and only two cable guards at the bottom pump splice which is probably the reason my wire was in the shape it was. I had a spool of UF 10/3 wire leftover from another project and it got me wondering. Other then the obvious code issues wouldn't this wire work fine for a submersible pump. Its heavier jacket would stand up better to abrasion against the well casing. With the price of wire in my area high ($250.00 plus for new pump cable) I went ahead and used it making sure the splice was watertight. Now I'm second guessing myself. Any thoughts?