Hi, found this forum while researching pump prices to see if I'm getting taken or not. Today the wife called and said we have no water. Checked the usual, breakers/switches and then called our plumber that we have a contract with. Said there was juice on the line but the pump was not getting any. Said it could be the power cable may have come loose or we need a new pump.

He said it would cost $1500 to $2000 just for the pump plus labor and materials.

I live in MD, well is 200 feet, I think the pump is a two wire, the house is 11 years old which leads me to believe the pump is bad. Seems 10 years is about the life of a pump.

Question: Is $1500 to $2000 just for the pump sound correct? If the life expectancy is 10 years why should I buy the best pump? I agree that Home Depot is not the place to buy and I never go cheap, but this sounds expensive to me.

I just replaced my fathers pump for $825 total in DE.

Thanks in advance....