I am building a 2400 sq ft slab on grade bungalow, radiant heat with a 4 ton Waterfurnace geothermal heat pump. I plan on a open (pump and dump) loop system. My well, which I plan to use for domestic water and for heat pump is 285 ft deep, standing water level 40 ft. After one hr pumping @ 23 gal per minute the water level was at 86 ft.

The heat pump will operate 3500 hrs year 6 - 12 gals/hr @ 5 psi.
Domestic needs maybe 400 hrs year 40 - 60 psi.

It seems to me that it would be very inefficient to use a single pump for both applications.
Would a better setup be to use a deep well pump with a large tank and very low pressure, and then use a booster pump (in the house) to boost pressure for domestics.

What type of pump setup would you recommend for this application.