Hello everyone,
Here's the story... Our well lines had frozen pretty solid. We're 'reasonably' sure they are now thawed - at least that's the assumption we are moving forward with because diagnosing with 100% confidence that there is no ice left in the lines, despite our efforts to thaw it out completely, seems impossible!

So I tried priming the very best I could. Pump turns on and sounds as usual. No water coming. The pressure/bladder tank and all house lines are empty. With my best repeated attempts at priming, I can get the pump gauge to about 6-8 psi - so not much happening, if anything. The pressure tank gauge is a flat zero. I guess it's possible there is still air in the line, or I guess it's possible I have a foot valve problem, or I guess I may just need to spend another hour priming, or I guess there may still be ice, but that's a lotta guesswork... so here I am!

A mechanical problem, such as with the foot valve or the pump itself, would be mostly coincidental I think, since I know our water stopped flowing due to the line freeze.

Any advice would be grrrreat!!

Kind thanks,