Last night when I went to use the sink I had no water. I have a well here that supplies my water, we are in the mountains and the well is about 50 feet downhill from our house. I went to bed hoping it would work in the morning. This morning... nothing. Here are the details:

Well is 150 feet deep I think, I have a blue pressure tank under my house that looks to be pretty small, maybe 18 inches wide by 4 feet long. My pipe tees off to the tank but I see no pump outside of it, I used to hear it though. At the tee there is a air bleeder valve (I think, you can turn the end of it)and a Square D Pumptrol class 9013, Type fsg2, ser b, cut on 30, cut off 50. I tried adjusting it but no luck. I don't even hear any noise when I turn power on to the pump, my pressure valve reads zero. Last night I think but am not sure I heard it cut on and off all in one click a few times. Maybe my well is dry, I have been using a lot of water lately, but it is supposed to be 17 gpm. Any ideas, I would like to troubleshoot this myself.