I have a well about 350' deep. Lately water pressure has been less than stellar at times and today very low. I took some time to shut off various lines and try to figure it out. As it turns out, the pump brings the pressure up very slowly and, never to a high enough pressure to throw the cutoff switch (70lbs). I have the valve just beyond the pressure tank closed and the pressure tank is right next to the well (basically out of the well, into the pressure tank and out to shut valve) so I can say pretty much for sure that a leak is not my issue. Does the pumping mech. in submersibles ever (or often) just get to sub-par, will pump, but not up to pressure or, do they either work or not work? We are in a drought but I would think that at times it would go dry, and that does not seem to be the case, just low volume and pressure but never just a trickle. It almost seems to be more of a volume issued. Any input would be appreciated!