Hi ... I've been reading a bit of the forum and you folks seems like a great bunch to ask advice

this is a rural well ... located in the Holland Marsh, Ontario ... muck, than clay

my Mother's well is a former artesian .. the 2" casing goes down 150' into the aquifer ... the well is late 1940's ... over the years, the nearby town had drilled several wells into the same aquifer, and the well (obviously no longer artesian) has been losing it's static water level ... in the 70's in particular was a problem, once the town started pumping that's when the well started to produce more iron ..

for years, Dad had a shallow well jet pump and that was more than adequate ... there were shortages from time to time, usually in drought conditions

the last year or two, it's become more of a problem ... Dad passed away in January ... this past summer Mom lost water twice ... and then again this past Sept. ... we added to the hose of the pump, but when the static level hovers around 28' or 30' that just won't work for long ... the pump draws up, but the water doesn't replace itself fast enough

we found a Meyers pump .. the HJ75d ... this is the 3/4 hp deep well jet convertible to 2" casing, using the 2" packer

our concern is ... where the previous shallow pump's hose was in the casing (around the 25 foot level) there seems to be some corrosion in the casing ... we're hoping that it's just iron buildup and not holes in the casing ...

when we ran a test run of 100' of hose, once it cleared that awkward spot, it was clean sailing .... the casing beyond that was a dream

when we picked up the 2" packer from Meyers, we didn't quite understand how this all was going to work ... like a light bulb it all clicks on, and now the concept is clear ... we're concerned about getting beyond that awkward spot in the casing

any advice? ... is there some way to clean that buildup before we run the packer down? .... do we just go for it and run the packer down as is? .... should we go down the full 100' into the well casing? or just to a healthy static level or around 50' or 60' feet?

we are aware that this is a 50+ year old well ... a new well would be a better solution, however funds are tight for Mom (she's a pensioner) and if we can give the well another 5 or 10 years that'd be wonderful

have any of you had experience with 2" casing using a deep well jet pump and the 2" packer?

thanks so much .. and sorry for the book I've written ... I wanted to give as much info as I could ...