I have looked all over the web and this looks like the perfect forum to get this question answered. I need a pump and pressure tank system to irrigate a 1/2 acre property. I have a creek behind my house. I tapped into the bottom of it with a 15 inch pipe which angles back to my property into a stand up 24 inch pipe. The water flow is such that I am unable to drain it with my 5 hp gas pump so I have no issues with water on the uptake.

The water level is 10 feet below the ground surface if I am going to mount a surface pump. The total height I need to raise the water is 40 feet. I would like to generate 50 PSI so I come up with a total of 156.5 or nearly 160 feet of head (if I did that right).

I would also like to have a flow of approximately 25 gpm, however, since I have not yet designed the sprinkler system I could adjust as necessary. I would like to incorporate a pressure tank so I can have an active hose bib.

I am completely perplexed as to what size and type of pump I should get. Would I be best of with a submersible or surface mounted and what type and size of pressure tank would be best. I will need to mount the pressure tank near the water source so I need to be able to pressure the tank to approximately 68 psi to get the 50 psi at the top of the hill. Also, I live in Southern California where we just hit a record for January of 10 days over 80 degrees. Freezing is not an issue here. Any ideas would be appreciated.