Two years ago I installed a 1/2 horsepower submersible in a 30 inch wide shallow well. I made a sleeve for it, to mimic it being in a deep well, using a stretch of 4 inch wide PVC pipe. It has worked perfectly, but when I installed the pump, or I should say, when I attempted to hire a plumber to install that pump, he mis-measured and placed the pump only 22 feet down, and not 25 feet like I told him. (well is 29.5 feet deep) So anyway, at certain times of year, the well runs low, so I'm going to set it to 25 feet. But this time, I want to use a shroud over the pump, so as to double the water flow going past the motor. Can I use a well seal and use PVC glue to melt it onto the 4 inch sleeve? Or do I need some sort of epoxy? Actually, I guess I will need it for sure, as I will need so seal up where the pipe begins at the mouth of the pump. What kind is recommended?