Ok, this morning my wife saw the water was coming to a halt then gone. So I went to see the tank pressure and it was around 25 PSI. Then suddenly PSI climbed fast from 25 to 62 PSI and I could here water running ... opps ... I think it was clunking in the pipes ... I thought what was that .. sounds like rocks ... or ice .. OK, so last night it was 10 degrees F . And when water stopped this morning the temperature was about 17 F - 18 F degrees. Very cold.

So when the tank pressure hit 62 PSI, I went back to test the water and it was running fine again. I then took a 10 minute shower. And then I also asked my wife to take a 10 minute shower. And the water has been running along fine.

So, what was that 5 minute thing? Did you think the water underneath became frozen and the pump was pumping small ice cubes or ice particles ... How do you expect water wells to behave when temperatures are 10F - 18F or lower ? Can the pump slow down to do icy water and ice formation on your deep well ?

Thanks for any info.