I need advice on type of pump to install.
I have county water. Currently the pressure at the road is 20psi. The water dept. informed me that I need to have a pump installed, because they are making changes that will leave me lower water pressure. From the meter to the house the water line first drops downhill aprox. 20ft. over a distance of 50 ft, then levels off for about 250ft, then its uphill from there. First an incline of 15ft over 80-100ft, then over the next 80-100ft it climbs another 30ft and levels off for a 100ft run to the house supply.
The water dept. says the pump will be installed at the meter. Thats about a 600 foot run of electric line. I disagree, I should be able to put it halfway since that would still be below the meter. They also mentioned I need a spring box (what is it?). They already have contractors they plan on using. I would like to know my options. I don't have a well or any knowdege of wells.