I have a single-drop jet pump system in a single family house. My well is dug to a depth of about 8 ft and is bored from there to an additional depth of about 20 ft.

My problems started when I had to change the water tank in the basement because of corrosion. I can't get the unit to pump water. I primed the entire system, including the pump itself. After throwing the switch on I could see (the pipe between the pump and the tank is transparent) that the pump produces bubbles and some froth, but no continuous flow of water.

I spent several days trying to figure out what's wrong and I ran out of ideas. The no-return valve is located at the very bottom of the well. The total length of the piping between the well and the pump is about 30 ft. The pipes are 1'3/4'' and they are just a few years old (galvanised pipes, no corrosion). Until a few weeks ago, the whole setup worked flawlessly.

I would appreciate any comments. Private contact welcome.