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RE: National Pump Company 1/2 hp jet pump SW 50, I think barely a year old/on a shallow well. and no longer have the owners manual.

The other day I came home to busted pipes following a hard freeze. The jet pump may have been running for a day or so for all I know. Surprisingly the pump was barely warn to the touch (the vendor SAID it was a good motor.) The motor sounded like it was running normal. I repaired the busted pipe but when I attempted to prime the pump the water just drained out from between the pump-head and motor housing. I was informed that the pump is in need of a new "mechanical seal" but I seem to be unable to locate one or at least a repair kit. Seems the last time I was hanging around the Pumps & Tanks forum and shopping site talk of repair parts/kits seemed abundant. But searching Pumps & Tanks as well as Google pulls up nothing. Does anyone out there know where I can get a "mechanical seal" or repair kit. I sure hope I don't have to buy a new pump, if so I'll be toting buckets of water for quite a spell.



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