I have an odd problem. My well pump went bad (jet pump - 25' deep well) so I replaced it. The one that burnt up was a 1/2 horse pump, and the new one that I installed is a 3/4 horse 40/60. The pressure tank is only 2 years old. It is a bladder type - 33 gallon, and with all of the water out of the system it has 38 psi.

One other odd note before I get to the problem. When I drained the system I thought I would check the pressure tank. It only had 10lbs in it so I added air to get it to 38 psi. Then after I continued to have issues I drained the system again and now thw tank had 50 psi. I redused the pressure to 38 again.

Now the problem. The pump short cycles very quickly unless I crank the pressure up to 40/70 and then it will click twice and run and then click twice and shut off. If you watch the guage when the pump kicks on it jups past 60 instantly.

Could the pressure tank not be big enough for the pump pressure? Maybe the bladder in the tank was stuck causing the initial incorrect pressure reading? Maybe the 3/4 horse pump is too much pressure?

I don't mind purchasing another pressure tank, but I hate to if it is not gonna fix the issue. Thanks for any help!