We have noticed our water has been cloudy and air at faucets, also we are having water flow problems. (low pressure with washer and shower at same time or problem using a power washer).
We called softener guy out to check system,he said we had a bad bladder tank and check valve and possible pump problem.

He replaced bladder and check valve but still same problem.
Could the main filter be a problem or is it the pump?
How can I check this myself before calling a well and pump man?

I am not sure how big or deep pump is, we have only lived in house for four years.

The new bladder is a perma air wx205 and the new valve was 1"
The cut points are 30psi on and 58psi off
I do not seem to have any problem filling a 5 gallon bucket quickly at the inlet valve near the bladder.
Thanks for any help.

I will try to answer any questions you may have on the system