Hi, I am hoping someone here can help. I have a 1/2hp Sears convertible jet pump, 30/50 110v that finally died today. I also have a captive air tank, (also Sears, I think about 35 gal) that has been going bad for some time. (low pressure, pump running too much, too soon, etc)It finally killed my pump too. Knew it would happen, had no funds to fix....
Obviously, now it needs to be replaced ASAP. We have kids, pets, no water is NO FUN.
My issues are: I was looking for replacements online @ Depot, Lowes, Sears, and all of the convertible pumps seem to be for deep wells. Mine is a shallow well. I have 2 lines coming out of the well, therefore think this is why I have a convertible pump?? Tried to look up model # for tank, (Sears 390.291601)don't get size anywhere.
Basically, need to replace both tomorrow, hopefully plumbed and ready to go. Thinking I should replace w/ same, but since no one shows a shallow well pump like mine, what else would work, and for the least cost. Also, new pumps seem to be 40/60psi. More pressure couldn't be bad, could it??? Did the previous owners just use the wrong pump?
We have done basic plumbing, and know that most set ups come ready to hook to existing pipes. Any help would be so appreciated!