A little background on the situation. My daughter lives in a double wide moble home and has had trouble at different times with the well and pump. About five years ago the well seemed to stop producing water and the pump motor froze. She had someone come out and I really don't know what they did, but according to her they did something in the line of clearing the well pipe and used a hand pump to bring water back to the top. They then cleaned the pump motor with emery cloth, re-assembled it and everything seemed to work ok. However the water pressure never was the same. The system consists of a 1/2 horse power motor and a 20 gal tank with bladder. It was set up at 20psi on and 40psi off with the bladder set at 18psi drained. She recently told me that the sink pressures were good, but the showers almost no pressure. I went out and checked the pump and found that the gage was froze at maximum pressure,I removed it and installed a new gage. I then reset the pressure settings to 30psi and 50psi and the tank at 28psi drained. Now for the problem, when I plugged the pump back in it went from 0 to 40psi in just a couple of minutes, but would go no higher, the pump would just continue to run, I adjusted the switch so it cut off at 40psi, then opened the water valve and the pump went back to 30psi, kicked back in and pumped back to 40psi and cut off. I'm wondering if it's just the pump or perhaps not enough water provided by the well. If it's the pump should I replace the whole pump or just the motor. Bob