Im trying to get some ideas in my head strait to see if I can do this,so here goes.I have a artesien well on my property that is buried(no pipe sticking out above ground)as this is the way they did them up here 25 years ago.I was told when i bought this place years ago that it was only 60 to 75 feet deep.The fact that its buried I dont know if its 3 or 4 inch(hope its not 2?)The flow rate of the well is about 800 GPH.Here is my problem,the well is approx 300 feet from the hippie building thats falling down.The pump is located there(1.5hp jet with 32 gal bladder)The intake pipe is 1 inch,maybe 1 and a quarter and output from bladder is three quarter of a inch.From there the water is pumped approx 550 to 600 feet to the main house and about 100 feet or so before the main house the pipe splits in two as it also serves anouther house about a 100 or so feet away.From the well to the pump house there is no rise and from the pump house to the main there is a rise of about 10ft and at the split to the other house it drops about 10 ft.The pump is set at 30-50lbs.The flow rate in the main house is low? (between 1.5-3 gpm).My question is can i put a submersible pump in(if pipe is over 3 inch)without a bladder tank and maintain the same pressure if not increase it.
Its a real big pain in winter as mice and racoons eat their way into the pump room and if it starts to freeze i have to put on snow shoes and trudge the 550 feet or so with tools,ect.Plus the whole building is falling down big time.If i could it would make life a lot easier.
I dont know why they put the well there(tarot cards,I Ching)as i have tons of surface and underground water here(I dont want to drill a new well)Last year i was digging with a back hoe and hit some ledge at 3 feet and opened up a 3gpm spring spurting from the ledge.
Any help would enable me to sleep better at night as i will know if i go with the existing system or a submersible.
PS in winter it can get to -20 to -40f