We are five fourth-year translation students who have been asked to translate a handbook about pumps from Spanish to English, and we have reached a high level of desperation by now, because none of us had the slightest idea of how these machines work. Pumps, what a world!!! You would really help us if you could answer some of the doubts that we have come across during our translation process. We are having serious problems with some terms and also in understanding some parts of the text. (Which is not very well written in Spanish, we must say) So, without further ado, here are our doubts and questions:

First of all, we would like to ask you if you could just please provide us with some websites, online glossaries, a handbook of pumps or anything else that could help us in our translations.
Secondly, we have some doubts about terminology that hopefully you could solve.

1. - In a chapter of the book is explained how pressure steam pumps work. There’s a moment were it talks about the efficiency rate of the machine. In our text in Spanish, it says that the energetic efficiency is “0.3” and we don’t know if this is a percentage, and therefore it should be “30 %” or 0.3%, or maybe we should leave it the way it is in our original text.

2. When referring to gear pumps (or any other kind for that matter) I have a sentence in Spanish which would translate literally as 'Manometric load' Do we use the term manometric to talk about pump pressure? Also are we talking about load/force or just simply manometric pressure?

3. The passage I have refers to external gear pumps as being lobe pumps. My question is: are all external gear pumps lobe pumps or are lobe pumps one type of external gear pump?

4. In the Spanish version, we found the term "cortadura", which means the action that the pump makes over the fluid continuity. Some pumps may create a greater interference over that liquid smooth flow than others. We are not sure whether the correct term to define the action of the machine over that fluid continuity is called "cutting". Could you help us?

5. We would like to know if PRESSURE STEAM OR GAS PUMPS are a type of pump with gears.

6. We understood that inert gas pumping systems work in a four-phase cycle: could you tell us what is the name of these four phases? We have the names in Spanish and we can’t find an English equivalent.

Thanks in advance for your help.