I have a well that is 630' to the water and it doesn't seem to go lower. I had a 3 hp pump in it, but it went bad. It ate about $500 of electricity per month. We have 8 people living in our home. My son (lives next door) has a 900' well and a 2hp pump with 4 people and his electric bill runs about $150 per month. I paid for two guys to remove the pump, but all they did was get 6 pieces of pipe out of the well, then they dropped it down the well. [:-(] I found out they had no insurance and no money. Here is what I need to know:

Which of these 4" pumps with a 2 hp motor is the most durable?

1. Flint and Walling (4F07S20)
2. Franklin (5FA20S4-3W230)
3. Grundfos (5S20-39DS)

Price is important but not the most important consideration.

In addition, I am planning on putting a CSV1 40 or 50' Cycle Stop Valve.

I can live with 4-5 GPM of flow.

Your professional opinions are important to me. I am a Disabled Veteran on a limited income so the price and electric consumption are important, but I don't need to have to pull this out in a couple of years.

If you have any other suggestions, I would appreciate hearing them.