Hello all,

I have a dug well with a new Flotec 1/2HP combo from Home Depot it has a 2.5 gallon tank. I have gone thru 3 of these units in about a months time. Well is approx 15ft deep and it is next to a year dug pond which is full.

I have new foot valve, new plastic 1 1/4 line up to pump from the pump I have a 1/2 black plastic line going about 500 ft to my house. From what a well guy showed me the tank pressurized fine but when we run the water in the house once the pump comes on it can never catch up until we shut water off at the house.

The lasttime it failed/lost prime I went down to the pump house and when I removed the priming cover I was burned by pressurized Hot air escaping.

I am now being told I should replace the pump with a submersible and a seperate 30 gallon tank to the tune of $600 plus labor??? I dont know what to do I was told when I purchased this pump it would work. The pump that was in there before someone stole it (tennant) was a shallow well jet pump but older. Can I just add a bigger tank I dont understand why the pump cant catch up considering 1 1/4 in and only 1/2 inch out

Now when we need water I just turn on Breaker as I am too afraid of having a runaway pump. Home Depot said if this one fails they wont replace as they feel it is install errors (even though first pump failed when firsted plugged in bad gasket between pump and motor).