Hi, first off.. long time reader, first time poster. I've got a well that I'm trying to get to work again after letting it sit for about 10yrs. It started to give me problems back then so i stopped using it. It's a deep well with a jet pump (double drop) about 25ft deep. My pump is a 1/2 hp franklin electric motor. I don't know anything else about the pump that its driving. It has a 20-40 switch with a brand new 8 gallon bladder tank. The pump will pump up pressure to about 30psi but go no further. It'll pump all day and not go over 30 psi. never shutting off. when i unplug the pump, the pressure will hold at about the same 25-30psi. But when I plug it back in, the pump will come back on immediately. (should this happen?) I thought the psi needed to drop below 20psi before it should turn. why would it not build pressure past 40psi so the switch could shut it off?