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Thread: finding the right pump

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    finding the right pump

    I live in mexico and help run a mission. We are on city water but because the presure is not good and it goes off all the time we have the water go into a tank and then pump it to the mission. We also have 150 people here taking showers and flushing tolets. We have a blader tank on the system. Our pump has gone out and am looking for a good replacement. We are on a tight budget but want something that we could replace the seals when they go out (not a through away). This water is not for drinking but is used for everything else. We also pump our drinking water out of a tank and is run inside to facuets, is it nessesary to use stanless or will something else do.

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    I would definately not use Stainless. These are the throw away pumps. I recommend Cast Iron. The good pumps have been made of Cast Iron for many years.

    The pumps I sell are made here in the US. Georgia to be specific. They are called Betta Flo and are a quality pump. The seal is a PS-200. It's the most used seal out there, so it's easy to find.

    Here is the Jet Pumps link. The inexpensive pump is the SW-50. That is a 1/2hp 10 gallon per minute pump. For all those people, I would think you would want more like a 1 or 1.5 hp which would be the SFH series. You don't have to buy the jet seperately for the SW, but you do for the SFH.


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