Well Depth 601’
Static Level 55’
Pump Depth 550’
Doll Valve 3.5 GPM

I have three questions but will first give you a little history on the well It was dug in summer of 07 where average depths in the area range from 80 to 450 feet. They started digging our well and said they hit water at 150 feet but it was only 1 gallon per minute, with a blow test. I wanted more water so we elected to go deeper. Two days later we ended up with a 601’ hole and a 1.5 gallons per minute with a blow test. The next day the driller came out and the static level in the well was 55’. The well report says that around 80’ they hit rock with different colors of rock down to 601’. To save money I skipped the well liner and had the pump put in. They used 1’’ galvanized pipe with a 1.5 hp pump (no Shroud) and set it @ 550’ below the surface. I hooded up the power and started running the well to get the chlorine out so I could get the wave test done.

I ran the well for several hours. The first 90 minutes the pump was pumping out about 10 gallons per minute. The last 30 minutes the pump was closer to 4 gallons per minute. The water was getting cloudy so I shut the pump off. The next day I came out to run the well and the button on the start box would just pop out. The pump installer came out and pulled the pump. He found that the pump was full of clay and it was keeping the motor from starting. He cleaned the pump and placed it back in the hole. He stuck a 3.5 GPM Dole valve at the top of the well thinking that the pump was sucking so hard that it was washing the walls. I set the pump to come on twice a day for no more then an hour with Bobs float system and A/C Contactor. It seems to be working fine but the water makes a lot of noise as it is pushed threw the dole valve.

1. Do you think this Dole valve is necessary or is the trouble from me running the well for so long? It seems like the Dole Valve could hurt the pump with all the Back Pressure from 550 foot of Head.
2. I put a filter in the system before the holding tank and I am picking up about 1 tsp of clay/dirt every two days in the filter. Is this normal for their to be this silt in the water? or is it all because I don’t have a liner?
3. I have installed the Brass adjustable cycle stop valve and notice that the pump still cycles when the shower is on. We have low flow 2.5 gallons per minute showerheads. Is this normal for the pump to cycle at 2.5 gallons per minute? Or do I have it adjusted wrong? My Pressure switch is set at 40/60.