The reason I'm here on the forum learning about pumps is 'cause mine broke! [:-(]

(makes one go from "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" to wishing "Gee, maybe "preventive maintenance" was the way to go)[:x)]

Since we are all ignorant (Abe Lincoln) only in different areas, does anyone have a "FordMan/ChevyMan-sort-of" opinion on which deepwell domestic water pump brand is best? How about shallow well jet pump (the kind I have that is currently kaput & I'm learning how to repair)?

You folks as have been out there "doing it" have experience to cause a preference in brand and performance. (Not trying to start an argument here-just noticed on eBay some "completed listings" for pumps consistently vary between brands, and was curious which are the "dogs" and/or princesses)

Thanks a Bunch for your views!