I have a 108' 4" well with a 1.5 HP Goulds pump set at 63 feet down installed 8/1985. Water is 45 feet down. The 70 gal. pneumatic tank, pressure switch and control box are setup 100' from well head with 1.5" delivery main. Single phase 230 power is delivered to the well with 3 wire No. 10 direct burial. The system has been working superbley since installed....23 years with no loss of pressure.

Last July the neighborhood got hit with Lightening. It took out all my phones and lines and burned up my electric meter. The surge came in thru the water line and ground lines. The well pump and pool pump are served from the same 230 V breaker panel. The well pump worked fine until 2 weeks ago when it decided to not start. The pool pump [1.5 HP] still works fine [it also was installed 8/1985]. The Franklin Electric controller keeps trying to start and the protector keeps tripping out, resets itself and tries again but pump will not start.

Two weeks ago, I opened up an irrigation zone to check heads and everything worked fine. About 10 min later, I opened up another zone, and the pump failed to start. After about 4 tries, I opened the circuit breaker for the pump. I finally found this forum and posted this problem.

I had tried to find testing procedures for the Franklin Controller components [the sticker inside the cabinet has seen better days and is now barely readable] but to no avail.

Need help to find procedure and where do you think the probable failure is?