Hello ya'll, newbie to the forum. Lovin' it. Lots of wonderful info here and I hope I am not reposting.....[)]

Here is my problem, we had a tornado of sorts come through and it blew half of the roof off the well house. Several days went by before I even noticed it was gone, and the only reason I did then is that about midday, I had no water. Went out and the pump was baking in the sun and had overheated (I think). Now, if it is hot outside even with a new roof, it still over heats and stops working, it seems to be getting worse. SOooooooooooo, the insurance has agreed to pay for a new pump (1/2 hp 115/230 sta-rite). This pump only pumps water from a holding tank to the house. Our sub well pump pumps water into the tank (California requires those of us who have very hot water coming out of the ground to put it into a "cooling" tank before it comes in the house.......silly really considering the tank bakes in the sun eh?).......ok.......?

Now, my question is this.......do I replace it with like and kind or do you guys have a better idea?? Electricity is high out here so is there anything more energy effecient than what I have???