No water all day. Clothes now resemble glue (half-wet and detergent-soaked).

We built our house 9.5 years ago. Private well. Holding tank. All has been well. Lately, however -- like in the last couple of years -- well has run dry a few times. In every case, it was because, say, a toilet was running. Or someone left a tap on. No big deal. Wait a few hours, and everything is full on.

Today, we came home at 1 p.m. to find no water. The only thing we'd done today was run the dishwasher -- "water-saver mode" ..

It's 9 p.m. Still no water. Not even a trickle.

We did find a tub tap turned slightly on during our investigation. If it was the culprit, it did a really good job.

But I'm beginning to think there's something more. Are we maybe at the end of the normal lifespan for something by now? Like .. the well pump? ... <shudder>

Thanks for any advice.