I have an earth contact home with a buried concrete cistern (4'x 4' x 10' deep) that collects rain water from the gutters. The previous owners pumped water to a pressurized tank for their home water source. We now have city water and no longer use the water in the cistern.

I thought I would build a small 10' high platform to hold a 500 gallon tank, pump the water into the tank and let gravity provide the pressure for a drip irrigation system for my garden. The mini water tower is located on a hill (20' rise) about 50' away from the cistern.

I have never worked with pumps before so the questions are 1) is this a stupid idea (if the anwser is yes ignore the rest of the questions) 2) what kind of pumping system will I need. Please note I intend to drain the tower & irrigation system during winter.

Sincerely apreciate any guidance or help you can give me. Thanks