The small hose that runs from the pump to the pressure switch on the jet pump in the basement keeps breaking. First time, it simply slipped off - the fitting was just a slip on fitting. That time it flooded the basement because no one is at the house all week. (We now turn the water off when we leave). I replaced the slip on fitting (meaning the hose just slipped on) with a new fitting where it has a nut and screws on, but still used plastic hose. Used the brass insert in the tube, but it broke again any way. The pressure switch is attached to the side of the pump so it needs a hose. What should I do. This is unacceptable in a house where we are an hour away and use it on weekends. Do I switch to copper tubing or can you attach the pressure switch directly to the pump port for pressure instead of using a hose?

You guys suppled the whole outfit so hoping you know. It is 3 years old I think.