I am looking at putting in a pump and pressure tank in my cabin and am wondering what size jet pump and pressure tank to put in? My water source is a 600 gallon tank that is set up outside beside the cabin level with the cabin. The furthest the water will have to travel is about 25 feet to the kitchen sink. The tub, toilet and sink are right beside the tank so water travel will be 10 feet. Should I put in a 1/2 HP or 3/4 HP convertible jet pump? And what size tank? I can get a 5 gallon tank that comes with the pump but is that big enough? We use the cabin for weekends and maybe a 2 week stretch for holidays. Also wondering about winter use with a smaller inside water tank. Can I use the pump and tank then empty out when gone with no heat source or will I have to supply heat at all times. Any heads up with winter use?