I want to use a 30" well that is 35' deep with 16' of water in it to water three lawns of 1 acre each. One home owner will supply well, I will install and maintain system and third home owner will pay for the parts needed. The well is 40 years old with concret casing and a 2.5" pipe fron old pump into well. Well was uses to supply 2 houses until 24 years ago and never went dry. I calculate the water volume in the well at 500 gallons.
The projected sernario is that the pump will be placed at ground level but 200' from the well for ease of power ( 120 or 220V) and zone control system. Lawns will be watered once a week with 1/12th acre foot (1500 gallons) with 2 days between each lawn. ie one Monday, one wedesday and one friday. I assume that 1"/week will be suficient. From the pump to the farthest sprinkler will be 250'. Figuring on a sprinkler radius of 50' there will be a max of 8 heads in a zone. GPH of heads unknown. Sprinkler run time for 1" of water 2 hours.
What model pump will I need? I will rent a pump to be sure the well will support the flow needed.
Is my math correct?
Recommended water presure?
Comments on proposed system extremly welcomed.