Hello. I am looking online to see if i can get some information for my father in law. I know i might sound stupid because i don't know anything about this stuff but thats why im online looking up info.

They had a bad storm and then the pump stopped working the way it should. The people next door to them got hit by lighting so thats why they think it was the storm. I know the best thing to do would have somebody come out and fix it but they just dont have the money right now.

What is happening is that the pump would come on then build up pressure and then just stop and it would not come back on for around 5-10 minits.

So the first thing they did was change the breaker. That did not work so they replaced the switch. It still did the same thing. They went and got a new pump and no luck. I called a friend and he said it could be the bladder tank. So they went and got one and its still doing the same thing. We looked at the old pump and found out that it was a 220v and the new one we got was a 110v. So they took the pump back and when they were about the get another one the people at lowes said that we didn't need a deep well pump. The well is only 35' deep.

The pump that was down there looks the same as the deep well pumps so that's why they got one that looked the same.

But anyways i hope you can understand all of this. Its really late so i hope i put everything.

But we just don't know what else to check because we tried everything we can think of and replaced everything but the wires and the flexible pipe that's on it.


My cell is 803-873-4787 so if anybody out there could call and help us out that would be great.