Hello, I have a grundfos mp3-45 115v pump on my 17ft well. It is connected to the well and not to any tank. The pump keeps leaking out of the top where the water outlet is. I have had 3 different people look at it but, the most its stayed dry is about 3 weeks. I have even ordered a new top part http://www.us.grundfos.com/web/Downl...-MQ-TL-001.pdf page 36 part 100 but that didn't fix it either.

The water is seeping from under the ring. The bulb move in there fairly easily. I think that is because one can install it at up to a 5 degree angle.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I am about ready to through out a good but for a cheap one at a box hardware store just to not have a leak any more.