Our 80 gallon tank used to fill in approx. 10 minutes now it can take 40 minutes.
Checked bladder tank, was fine. Replaced pressure switch. Did voltage test at control box and at junction box at well. Control box has 240 between L1 and L2. Snapped cover on and went to junction box Green and Black 120 - Green and Red 3 - Black and Red 110 - Red and Yellow 118 - Black and Yellow 240 - Green and Yellow 119 .

So bought new control box for the 1hp. Checked voltage at well junction box. Green and Black 119 - Green and Red 124 to 136 - Black and Red 1 - Red and Yellow 241 - Green and Yellow 121 .

Voltage has changed as seen but pump still the same. The five prongs on the control box are marked with the same color codes but the capacitor and relay are wired differently. Not sure what is the next step. Was planning to pull the pump (130 foot well depth) but not sure if maybe the new control box means that the wires should be changed at well junction box.
Any help would be greatly apprectiated.