I've decided to not go with the deep well jet for my wifes garden. The deep well jet we have for the house does not produce as well as we want, and have decided on a drilled well with a submersible pump.

I've got a quote from a driller for a 60ft well ($18.50 per ft.).

The questions I asked of the driller were....

1-Can I achieve 20 gals per minute?

2-Will I maintaintain enough pressure for the house (50ft from well), and for 3 garden sprinklers, located approx 200ft from the well, 250 from the house.

The drillers recommendations are...

3/4hp submersible

4" casing

8x2 screen and fittings

4x2 additional screen (sand pack????)

1" drop pipe

1" service line

Mr Speedbump, I've looked at your pumps and get confused with all the sizes. The quote includes a pump of unknown make for a cost of $695.00. Quite a bit more pricey than yours. Also his quote included a 44gal pressure tank at a cost of $550.00...ouch!! $400 more than those you sell of the same size.

The driller offers a 5 year warranty on the pump and only, not labor.

I see you offer 5yrs on your tanks, what about the pumps?

I know your located in Florida, I'm in Northern MN. What kind of shipping charges would I be looking at for a recommended pump and a similarly sized tank. I do have a UPS account.

I'll also send you an email with the above. I just thought that posting my requirements and your recommendations would help someone else.