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Thread: old well - options

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    old well - options

    I recently purchased an older home with a well in the yard. The well is a 2 inch galvanized pipe. From reading the forums, I placed a garden hose in the open pipe and turned on the water, the well pipe filled with water. What are my options, if any ? The well did have a broken hand pump that had been removed.

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    Your well is probably shot and not producing any water call a well driller and see what they say after examining the well. Probably best to drill a new well and pull up the old pipe.

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    There is always the possibility that the well has a Bremer Check at the bottom which would allow it to fill up. If it fills and stays full for a day or longer you could try putting a Foot Valve on the end of a 1" pipe down into the water "it has to be below the water level wherever that is" and juke it up and down rapidly. Water will come out of the 1" pipe as the Foot Valve is acting like a piston pump. If it keeps producing, you have a good well.


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