OK guys I posted this on a couple of other forums and just wanted to get some other peoples opinions since I don't know the first thing about water wells. I bought this little place that had 2 wells on it,
both of em probably over 50 yrs old. There is no municipal water around. It is an old house place where the house had burned long ago.
there was about 3 or 4 ft. of water in the well at about 38 ft. Ok I had this idea that I could knock it deeper. I have put 40 ft. of 2 inch galvanized back down in the hole with a 5 foot stainless steel
well point. I now have about 70 ft. of pipe left with 5 ft. of water inside the 2" galvanized casing. My question is do I go down the 5 ft. at a time checking the water level as I go, and if I do hit more water can I use a 1 pipe setup with a deep well jet. Please tell me in depth what I need to do as I am really ignorant when it comes to this stuff. Also I do have benefit of a tractor with the post driver so i'm not doing this with a sledgehammer. I am out about 700 bucks on pipe and other equipment and all these old timers told me it couldn't be done so I would like to prove them wrong. lol Any advice would be greatly appreciated.