First off, thanks a whole lot for the information "overload"[:0]

I'm working on two different well situations, but I'll keep this topic to only one.

As with many others here, I'm looking at a well for the gardens and a small greenhouse. Being in northern Minnesota, I'm in the heart of the lake country, but not on a lake.

Having a rental property with a driven 1-1/4" shallow well, about 9 miles away, my thought was the static water level would be very close to being the same......NOT!! The rental property has a static water level at 15ft with the point driven to 25ft., running a shallow well 3/4hp pump.

Here at the house, I hand dug (yes, by hand with one of those hand-turned hole diggers w/extensions) to 20 ft., thinking of installing as much of 4"PVC casing as I could, just in case I would need to pull the following pipe. I then drove a 1-1/4" point to 30ft. No water. I drove another 5-footer, then another, then one 6 footer.

I now have from the tip of the point to the top of the ground, approx 39ft of pipe. Hey, Hey!!, after three days I've had a stable 5 foot of water standing in the pipe. I checked it by running a water hose(turned off of course) down the pipe and pulling it back out. 5 foot water line.

Now, after reading possibly all of the posts ever made in this forum, I realized, by trying to prime my shallow well pump for a half hour, it would not pull any water...the water level is too deep.(Yes, it was the cheapy Flo-Tech. It was new, but given to me free)

I guess it's a deep well set-up. With the help of the pre bored 20 foot hole, and help from my tractor's loader bucket, I was able to pull all of the 1-1/4" pipe and the point.

I would like to drive a 2" point/casing, then use a 1" pipe for this deep well system. I believe it's called pipe, deep jet well.

Here comes the questions.....

*Having water at 34 feet, how much further should I drive the pipe? I am quite sure that at this depth, I'm still in sand.

*If I'm safe to go another 5 foot and have a water level of 10 feet in the casing, at what point should the dropper pipe with the jet, packer, and foot valve be at?

*Is there a "standard" for a water level above the top of the point?

*Is there a picture somewhere showing the packer, jet(is this the same as the venturi), and the foot valve assembled as a package?

*My plan is to have the well pipe sitting approx 3 feet from my wife's greenhouse and installing the pump and pressure tank inside the greenhouse for weather protection. Is there a special adaptor for the 2" casing, and the 1" dropper, to bring them into the greenhouse to attach to the pump? I have seen adaptors that do fit the casings and droppers, but also attach directly to the pump. I had planned on using a horizintal pump.

If all of the above is possible, my last question is in regards to winterizing. It gets plenty cold up here, sometimes the frost line runs 7-8ft. How would I go about ridding both pipes of water. I'm assuming it will not just flow back down the pipes once the prime is removed.

Whew!, Now I can take a breath!