I recently purchased a property w/the following:
A 20+ year old 50' deep galvanized pipe driven well with 16' standing water level.
A 20+ year old goulds 1/2 hp jet pump w/(failed) wafer type pressure tank.
Well head, pump & tank are located in a 6' x 4' block pit 6' deep.

History - well was used by farmer to supply water to clean out dairy milk house & water cattle.

I have rebuilt the pump and replaced motor w/spare 220v 3/4 hp goulds motor w/same nema frame & rpm specs as orig 1/2 hp unit.
I have tried to test well by reconnecting pump to well w/1.25" PVC w/check valve & run initially I get a burst of water which reduces to a flow of less than 1gal/min.

***Today 08/18/08 I pushed a 1/2" hose w/a 6' section of copper pipe on the to the bottom of the well & flushed w/40 gals of water until it ran clear. then capped the well with a schrader valve and air pressurized w/ 110 PSI let sit. Then uncapped & reconnected, water flow is still @gal/min.

I am located less than 1 mile from Delaware Bay in sandy soil area w/water table generally expected at 20 feet or less w/good flow.
I suspect several problems:
1. Well point is too deep.
2. Well point is clogged w/rust.
any suggestions?
Can a 50' well be pulled up?
If so why go deeper than 25'? esp if water level is 16' down pipe?
New entry 08/21/08 - Pulled up well point and 46'of 1.25 galv pipe & 4' well point.. not easy! took 5hrs & small diesel tractor w/loader and 3000# come-a-long. As suspected well point was plugged w/rust inside and had quite a bit of cementitious looking hard sand crust on outside.
Now the questions are 1.what type of well point (I assume a 4' SS unit for fine sand is appropriate) 2.whether to use same hole 3. how deep to go this time.
I'm not clear on why well was driven over 50' into sand when water is 15' from bottom of well pit and shallow well jet pump system was used? Any suggestions appreciated.

Thanks, Mike