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    Myers HR50S

    Thinking about replacing 1/2 Hp Craftsman Hydo pump and 36 Gal SearsPressure tank. This set up worked well for 30 years but pump now whining loudly and tank needs aired 4 or 5 times a year. I'm thinking about replacing with a Myers HR50S pump but undecided about a tank. 2 story home with 1 1/2 baths. Pump and tank are in basement. I pump from a 500 gal storage tank which is also located in basement. Myers pump has a cut out at 20 psi. Would I set the tank pressure at 18 psi? Would this be too low for pressure? Which tank would match well with the Myers pump. Or,should I try something completely different? Your help would be appreciated.

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    Since I sell Pumps (Myers included) I would encourage you to buy from me. That said, I like a larger Pump for an application like yours. Unless you don't care how low the pressure is I would be setting the switch at around 50 - 70. I would also go with a tricked up 1hp or 1.5 hp Jet Pumps and Cycle Stop Valve. This will give you constant pressure while the Pump is running and will prevent cycling which is very hard on a Motor.

    The Tank can be as small as a two gallon Bladder Tank but I would recommend a 40 gal. The 40 gallon will give you around 5 gallons of drawdown.


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