I have a six month old well. The driller report shows 20 gpm at 80 feet and 5 gpm at 120 feet. The well bore is 12 inches with an 8 inch perforated casing. There is aquarium gravel between the casing and the bore hole. The pump is at 125 feet and pumps at 15 gpm. The static water level was originally at 40 feet and for the first five months only dropped to 50 feet after pumping for a few hours. Now, 600,000 gallons later, the static level is at 50 feet and drops down to 90 feet after pumping for a few hours. The water was very clear but now is sometimes dirty. What is going on here? Could it be that I damaged the well by pumping too long and letting the water level drop too low? I could start using more city water and less well water if in the long run that will get me more water from the well. I am in a drought area (Southern California) and there are mandatory water cuts that I will not be able to make without this well water. Any thoughts/suggestions would be appreciated.