I guess I am really dense, but this doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I am quickly running out of money, so frankly hiring a professional is the right thing to do, but trying to see if I can solve this on my own.

I have a submerged well in the front yard, and the pressure tank is located inside the house, approx 30-50 feet away.

I am starting a dog kennel, and the man doing all the site prep said that since the new building and the pressure tank were as close as they were, that I would not need an additional pressure tank to tie into the line before the pressure tank. That the existing pressure tank would be able to provide water to the kennel.

I called two well/pump companies, and they agreed also.

Well, long story short.... new building is in, but waterless.

Unless I use water inside the house to get the pump to kick on, and then make it to the kennel before it shuts off, there is no water.

The conclusion is that there is a check valve somewhere, and my tie-in is on the wrong side of it.

I can't find a check valve anywhere. All that is inside the house (all there when I bought it, and so don't know much about it) is a pipe coming out of the floor (concrete), goes up about 6 inches over about 15 inches and goes back down into the floor. Then in the middle there is a short length of pipe that goes straight to the pressure tank. There is just one pipe connecting the tank, not and inlet pipe, and an outlet pipe. The only thing installed on the section just coming out of the floor and back down is: a regular looking round inline valve (the handle is round, and is just like the handle on an outdoor faucet) It is in the closed position. I have no idea what is does, as I opened it all the way up, and never could tell what it did. I didn't notice any difference in the house or the kennel. And then there is a pressure gauge on that line.

I fould even less out at the well. Really just wires, I didn't see anything that I thought could be a check valve.

So, I am thinking maybe the best thing to do , is go ahead and get an additional pressure tank just to supply the line going to the kennel.

Does it sound like this would work, or is there a problem having two tanks on the same well?

There won't be a lot of water useage for the kennel, just mainly washing down, and I will be using a pressure washer, to help cut down on the amount of water needed. So if installing another tank would work, what size would ou recommend?

Could something other than a check valve be causing the trouble?

Where would you think this check valve coould be?

Anyway, any help will ba appreciated. The costs for this project has exceeded what I had budgeted, and I am doing my best to cut corners where possible. If I don't I will have a fantastic but EMPTY kennel.