Well: 180 feet - approx. 15 GPM
Pump at 160 feet


Pump information:

Motor: Franklin
Model # 2145079004
Volts: 230, 4-wire
3450 RPM

3/4HP – 12 GPM
Continuous duty
Amperage: 6.8 – max 8.0

Pump: GSW ‘Diamond’ Contractor series
PN: 02223-00TS
DC: 14-01


I thought I had my problem solved after I fixed the hole in the line...

New problem:

The pump shuts off and/or can't seem to keep up with a few sprinklers.

I disconnected the pipe at the well and turned the pump on (I put a block under the pressure switch so it would stay on)
After pumping for 2-3 minutes, the water will stop flowing. It doesn't slow down and then stop, it just stops abruptly.

You can see and hear the pipe jump a bit as it normally would when the pump cycles.

If you wait a few minutes, you can cycle the pressure switch and the water will come back on at full flow.

Amperage: When the pump is running, it's pulling 7.9 to 8.13 volts on each line. When the 'flow' stops, the amperage drops to 6.3.

So, if the pump is tripping on a thermal overload, then why would it still be pulling amperage? Does a thermal trip do this?

I thought I might be running out of water, so I dropped a string down the well with a couple of washers on the end and it appears my static level is about 30-35 feet. That, and don't hear any sucking sound etc... And wouldn't the water flow slow down before it shut off?

If I run basic house needs, it will pump up to 60 PSI with no problems. It only shuts off if you turn on more than a few things (sprinkler+washer+shower, etc..)