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Thread: water source heat pumps

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    water source heat pumps

    I have 2 water source heat pumps that require 18 gpm. They are fed from the same well that feeds my house. The well is a 4" well 170' deep with a 1 hp submersible pump hanging 40 down in the the well.
    I would like to either drill another well and use a 1/2 hp pump or put another 1/2 hp pump in the same well to save electric costs.
    Can a 1/2 hp pump supply the volume I need? Would a jet pump on a 2 inch well be able to supply the volume?

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    You can't get 2 submersibles in 4" casing. If the water level stays higher that 25', you may be able to get a foot valve and 1 1/4" pipe down with the sub, so a HP jet can do the heat pump. If the water level is lower than 25', it won't work.

    You could also use a HP sub in the well. This won't build the pressure you need for the house but, will supply the heat pump fine. Then you can use the HP jet pump to boost the pressure when needed for the house. You could also use the HP sub to not only run the heat pump but, also fill a storage tank. Then the jet pump can draw water from the storage tank for the house as needed.

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