We are planning to install a pressure booster system.
The system will have the following features -
Peak demand (worst case scenario) will be around 25gpm which will be needed only once in a while.
Normally we are looking at 9-15 gpm of usage.
We will be installing a cycle stop valve - csv1Z which, I understand, will reduce our pressure by about 10 psi at 15gpm and 20 psi at 25gpm.

Option A -- We buy 1 pump that will generate 1500 GPH @ 65psi(factoring in the psi loss due to csv). This will be a 2 HP pump consuming roughly about 1500 watts. http://www.lowara.com/products/photo.php/2675

Option B-- We buy a system with 2 sepaate pumps in it. Both pumps of 1 hp and the second one only kicks in when the system recognises a need for the same ( water consumption up).

Which is the better option. Option 'B' has a control panel with a lot of electronics controlling the whole set up and the apprehension i have is regarding the longivity of the electronic aspect of it.

what do i do....Will the amount of electricity that i may save be worthwhile...? or much ado about nothing..?