Hi - I have just moved into my new house on a acre of land in Cocoa, Florida and I have a shallow well in the back yard, marked by a rising white plastic pipe which turns through 90 degrees about 12 inches above the ground and is then capped.[]

I have never owned or run a well of any kind before so am looking for some advice!

I will tell you all I know! I understand that the well is fed from 3 bores drilled down to 20ft which feed into a central rising pipe. I want to use the water to irrigate the garden only as we already have County water fed into the house!

What do I need to do to get this up and running?[:x)]

Is a 1hp jet pump suitable? If so how does this connect up? What is a good make? Should it be enclosed?[:0]

Should I consider a solar pump to conserve energy?[8D]

I look forward to receiving your advice and using my recycled water.[(#)][(#)][(#)]