Hi, I'm new and have some very basic questions.

1) Can you ever drop a second pump down a single well casing? I'd like to keep my 1.5hp for the house and small yard, and place a 3-5hp
pump for irrigation/pastures. I thought I read this was possible and had some pros...do you have comments?

2) How difficult is it to install a new pump in an established well?
The electrical connections seem straightforward...can you jack up the pipe by hand?

I live on 5 acres, have a 1.5hp submerged pump. (its a newer pump than the well)
Don't know my well depth, but I think it is more than 100 feet.

I have a ?60 or 80 gallon galvanized tank.

The outlet line is 2inch pipe...I don't yet know how big the well casing is.
The house is small, 1000sq ft, 1 bathroom... Thank you