After running the pump approx. 45 minutes to fill the hot tub, my well pump overheats and thermally shuts off. My original pump (flint and Walling 1 hp) was replaced with a 1hp AO SMITH pump in march. My well would only pump maybe 3 gallons a minute, and it takes at least 2 minutes for the pump to get to 50 psi and shut off.
63 foot well, drilled in 1990. 2 inch steel casing. static water level at 51 feet, pumping level at 55 feet after 1 hour of pumping.4 feet of stainless 2inch screen slot/gauze 010, set between 59 and 63 feet. Wellmate bladder tank drained and set at 28 psi for a 30/50 new pressure switch. Well driller stated on his report when he drilled the well that it was marginal, that the complete are was marginal (1990)
What could cause the low pumping volume? Could the screen be plugged? Is there a way to unplug the screen (Nuway tablets)? If the screen needs to be replaced, is that a big expense.? A local welldriller told me it would be about $3500.00 for a complete new well. Thoughts?
Thanks for your help